We began Mountain Laurel Consultants in 2009, providing diverse professional writing services .

Mountain Laurel Consultants  now offers professional writing services, including  copywriting,  the composition of reports, press releases,articles, and professional letters.  Additionally, we provide Spanish to English translations.

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We Are Green and Socially Responsible Writers!

Our Writing Supports:

. Green Body Care and Cosmetics
. Green Household Products and Green Cleaning
. Organic Gardening, Safe Home Gardening, Organic Growers and a Pesticide-Free World
. Fair Trade Initiatives
. Organic and Natural Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, and Nutraceuticals
. The Ecology of Our Companion Animals
. Cruelty-Free and Rescue-Minded
. Education – and Make Mine Green and Sustainable
. The Green and Sustainable Family
. The Geniuses, the Creators, Everyday Heroes of Green Businesses: Great and Small
"Thanks for your care, love, and great articles. You are a very talented writer."

-Paul Morris Segal, and Inna Segal

Maria Jacketti, of Mountain Laurel Consultants, wrote an article for us that was comprehensive, engaging and keyword-rich. She was quick and quite pleasant to work with. We are very pleased with the work that was done and won't hesitate to use Maria and Mountain Laurel Consultants again.

-Jocelyn Myers, Mind-Expanding Events

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